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Response for today

After reading Bruce's latest response...I am at a loss of what to say. The reason for this is because nothing was contradicted against Christianity. One of the main points brought up was the ridiculousness of not believing in evolution (my word choice, not yours) which I repeat from earlier entries:

1)There are scientific evidences toward the disproving of evolution. The coral reefs are a popular example, as are some we already mentioned previously.

2)The bible DOES NOT disagree with evolution. Many "creationists" believe that it does, but anyone who intelligently studies the bible, the evidence presented from it, etc. can clearly see that a series of evolutionary developments are indeed possible.

Do I believe in evolution or creation? I honestly believe in both, which is biblical and okay. The bible does not disagree with science. Scared people who believe their religion will become invalid are afraid of science, which eventually turns into protests and nasty contradictory DVDs offered to non-profits.

I am not afraid of science, the argument of evolution, or anything really, because my strength and confidence is found in a God proven to me time and again through evidence (biblical, archaeological, books written both secularly and religiously, personal experience, etc.), and I know my eternal life is not based in whether or not I come directly from a monkey.

This isn't to say it is right to be ignorant. Quite the opposite in fact! Which leads me to mention of your first illustration...educated Christians who genuinely seek out evidence for their knowledge of God are not "ignoring" other evidences. Again, I am waiting for you to show me a piece of evidence, be it in science, archaeology, etc. - that disproves the existence of Jesus and what he stands for.

I say this because there are always going to be experts flying back and forth on both sides of the issue. Sometimes atheists will win the "argument," and sometimes God supporters will. No matter who wins which is not relevant in the grand scheme of things, because there is ample evidence to both sides.

There is a point where I think everyone needs to think about two things:

1) What is the purpose of this life?
2) What do I think happens after I die?

Many, with these questions, have prayed. And God does not deny himself to those who pray. I am not talking about "God, prove to me you are real!" prayers, but rather genuine inquiries as to what we are supposed to do here, why we are here, and what is to come. God will not ignore that. God will show himself to those who actually want to know him. We can continue to live as a cynic, or we can get down and dirty with evidence, prayer, and evaluation both physically and spiritually, and come to a conclusion for ourselves.

We could go on throwing evidence for Christ at you, and you throwing evidence against him at me. And we can thank the countless curious minds who lived before us for the ability to do that on both teams.

However, it again does not change the message of Jesus and his love, and the matter of what happens after we die. I am unconcerned with this world. In fact, I don't even really like it that much. I am concerned with things eternal...because I will be dealing with that for much longer ;)

I'm not avoiding issues - if there are direct questions/challenges you (or anyone else) has, I will be happy to answer them. But this post didn't provide anything like that, so there is little to respond to. Nothing you have said disagrees with Christ and what he stands for...except for the second comic...which I am fairly certain is out of jest. However, it should have read:

"Jesus of Nazareth isn't dead! He will come back as a friend and comfort to those who love him and did their homework toward believing with both faith and, if so compelled, substantial scientific research. So he and his ever-present father can show judgment to EVERYONE, Christian or not. I accept all this on faith, and also through a huge amount of evidence and experience."

Gay or not, alcoholic or not, angry or not, happy or not, - none of these arguments argue the basic tenants of Christianity or, most importantly, having a personal relationship with Christ.

Regarding free will and it's stupidity (again my word choice, not yours)......well, I've experienced forced love plenty of times...and it has never turned out to be a good thing. I am grateful for my free will and that of others, because in my opinion, a genuine love will always be better than a forced one.

And as for this..."I probably have more "spiritual experiences" than most people. I speak in tongues on a regular basis (every now and then I try to discern a grammar, just to see how consistent things are). I occasionally hear very clear voices that aren't there. I have a sometimes quite embarrassing lack of control over my accent. Sometimes I can't even speak. My handwriting varies all over the damn map. I've been known to feel a bit overbalanced when a strong wind catches my wings.And I feel external presences, as well. During a great part of my childhood, one of my chores was setting the table for dinner - and I frequently set an extra place for, well, someone. I frequently thought of them as my brother - who died before I was born.What of this is real? Well, all of it - for me. From a lifetime of observation, its reality stops at the edge of my mind. Now again - from above - I could be wrong. I might have my finger on the ultimate nature of reality. But I rather doubt it."

Perhaps you did :) You should stop assuming that the God of the universe really wants nothing to do with you. In fact, I know for certain he is quite fond of you. And I'll bet, had we lived in biblical times, you could have convinced Jesus to sing a round or two of karaoke.

bye! :)

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